Parts Express Speaker Project (2")

From the Parts Express catalog:

This 2" driver is packed with features that make it unique for its size and price. The driver has a 1" voice coil on a Kapton former, a unique plastic spider, and a copper cap over an extended pole piece. These characteristics ensure good power handling and extended frequency response. The 2-1/4" square frame woofer has a built-in rear gasket to allow easy air-tight mounting. Other features include a paper cone with specially designed dustcap and a treated cloth surround. Quantities are limited, hurry!
   Specifications: *Power Handling: 10 watts RMS/20 watts max *VCdia: 1" *Le: .01 mH *Znom: 4 ohms *Re: 3.35 ohms *Frequency range: 200-20,000 Hz *Fs: 175 Hz *SPL: 84 dB 2.83V/1m *Vas: .005 cu. ft. *Qms: 3.70 *Qes: .65 *Qts: .55 *Xmax: .5 mm *Driver Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 2-1/4", Cutout Diameter: 2", Mounting Depth: 1-1/2".


This project was completed unsuccessfully. Initially attempted implementing these drivers in an open baffle array configuration.  The sound was very thin and tinny and no mid-bass.  Then placed them in a box, as shown, same results. At $.98 per driver, this project was fun and and provided interesting results.



If you have completed a project with these drivers had have achieved good results, e-mail me I am very interested.

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